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Do you know what JB stands for?

Jiggly Boobs and that's what Justin Bieber has :]

Answer on Do you know what JB stands for?

Jumbo Bitchez.

Is it true you that Prada can't be verified at all without papers?

A while ago I found a Prada keyholder wallet sort of thing at an antique mall for $15. I asked if it was real and being in a backwoods area the owner didn't even know what Prada was (that's what makes me think there' s a possibility of it being real, yet cheap). I'm fairly certain it is real leather. It's trifold with 2 snaps that say Fiocchi Italy. Opened, it looks like the outer flaps could hold some cash or business cards and the middle fold has 5 hooks, assumably for keys. There is a model number under the hooks:DEP0S.

I took it to a high end consignment shop and was told that Prada and Louis Vuitton simply cannot be authenticated at all without paperwork. Is this true? Or should I contact Prada to see if they have an authentication service or some other high end purse retailer?

Answer on Is it true you that Prada can't be verified at all without papers?

You can bring it in to any Prada store and they can look at it and verify if it's real or not

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Confused.... Why? u tell me?

I live my life on a day to day basis. I live with my mom at my grandparents' house in Alabama. Im 16, ive lived in Alabama Virginia, ohio, and england. ive traveled all throughout europe including regular weekend trips to germany italy and spain.
i love my parents, but sometimes it feels like im playing two sides.
My parents are getting divorced, we lived in england for 9 months and my rents decided to split August 20, i left a boyfriend and some really good friends on August 24. didnt get to say bye to a lot of them.
I love living near family again but sometimes i feel like im in everyones way. im 16 and i dont have my license because in england u ahve to be 18 to drive.
anywayz my dads side of the family blames my mom, and are constantly degrading her and trying to find my dad a girlfriend. and its only been a few months that theyve been split.
my mom just started her new job. my bro blames himself for the divorce, hes 21 and hasnt lived with us for about 3 years.
i just feel so out of place where i live, its a SMALL country town, and i am used to large cities like london and Cincinnati. Im so confused and i cant figure out why please help

Answer on Confused.... Why? u tell me?

You need to bond and make haven't stayed long enough to invest your life in anyone else except your family...Have you thought of writing a book about your experiences...

How to flush Weed out of your system?

How do you flush weed out of your system in two days or less??

Answer on How to flush Weed out of your system?

There is a product called Clean Slate that will rid you of all toxins. They have a one week kit that even cleans your hair and blood as well as urine. Otherwise it takes a couple months for it to completely leave your system.

lol to much on 420 day?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Do You Like Selena Gomez & Nick Jonas Together? As An Item?


http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=lxQA81yWcVo


Answer on Do You Like Selena Gomez & Nick Jonas Together? As An Item?

I think they make the best couple so far. Better than her + Taylor Lautner (sry, but he's mine. haha)
and better than Selena + David Henry (rumors about them) and even better than Nickb+Miley or whatever else has been going on. Both Selena and Nick are really kind and the best that Disney has. they belong together.

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Im trying to lose weight please HELP!?

im looking forward to losing weight(because my friends think im fat) but i dont want to excersize(its boring and hard and im not that fat for it)and i dont want a diet btw im 5 foot 2 and 317 pounds and no medications

Answer on Im trying to lose weight please HELP!?

I understand. I am 5'1" and 250 pounds.

I really hate to exercise. So you know what motivates me to move. I walk in empty parking lots, parks, and streets. I look for pocket change that I find on the street.

I make it a game of looking for pennies to quarters. I feel like a winner if I even find a penny!

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tips to nudge the scale up a pound or too without "eating"?

I am eating so gain weight as well but I am sooo close to what I need but to be sure I'd love any tricks or tips for adding weight... such as put roll of quarters in pocket. Ideas on heavy but small objects.

Just for background.... I am going in for a consultation for weight loss surgery but have recently lost 30 lbs which has made me slightly too light to qualify.... all I have to do it weigh in once at first appointment at a high enough weight so simply adding some weight without eating it would be great cuz then I just have to lose that fat as well later.

Answer on Tips to nudge the scale up a pound or too without "eating"?

Wear 2 shirts and like cotton clothes. They are naturally heavier.

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Dear sir/madam.
This email is in regard to my youtube account 'WazzTV' that has been disabled for 14 days due to breaking the rules, now i beleive this to be a huge mistake.
Basicly it was due to 2 videos i have uploaded witch contain nudity, but they are not porn, they are both educational programs that are showed in the united kingdom
to help children and women know more about there bodys and how to examing themselvs if they find any lumps or bumps in there vaginas or breasts.
at no point did i make these two videos pornography, or show any sexual intercourse, it was just doctors, examing women and talking about cancer, breast cancer, and other conditions.
Also just to be safe i even put a small description in both videos telling people this was not porn it is a educational program with nudity,
Now i think its really unfair and im almost certain these videos where flagged by someone who was just bored, also the moderators on youtube clearly dident even watch these two videos before disabling my account, otherwise they would have relised i havent broken any of the guideline rules, it says nuditity is not allowed on youtube however, for documentrys, and other sexual educational programs such as 'cancer' etc, is allowed, so why has mine been removed? Also just to test my theory that youtube moderators are doing their job incorecctly i even uploaded the same two videos on my other account with the same video description and everything, and they got flagged again, but this time they got a 'age restriction' put on them, and never got removed. And even more oddly, i done a little research and i found two other users on youtube with the exam same two videos as mine, and they have been out there for around 2-4 years, 'coolhunk46' ' jessforness' now yet again just to try my method and to see if youtube moderators where doing their job correctly, i flagged both of these videos many times, and they never ever got taken down or removed, even though mine did, so how does that even make sense? so please can you review this case as its totally unfair, i have not showed anyone porn, i really dont see how this is innappropriate conent. So if you could see it that i can get my account back id really apprchiate it. Thanking you kindly.
Mr W Butt


Next read the rules:

Important: Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself.

If you say it wasn't nudity then it was a TV show.